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LTS Utilization Web Application

LTS Utilization provides leading edge tools that help users to clearly understand their Test Utilization environment. LTS Utilization transforms laboratory data, offers ground-breaking insights into test-ordering behaviors and empowers its users to focus their efforts on high-impact solutions.

The LTS Utilization Web Application is an integrated web platform where users can gain secure access to all LTS Utilization tools, information, reports and other material. This includes material such as the LTS Utilization reports and other material such as consulting project reports and data analysis. The web application allows users to seamlessly navigate between all the relevant reports and documents within the LTS Utilization ecosystem to help decision-makers in the laboratory make informed Test Utilization decisions.

For more information about LTS Utilization follow the link: https://www.ltshealth.com/utilization-management


The use of this LTS Utilization Web Application is authorized through the registration. Registration is granted by the application administrator which will provide any authorized user with a username and accessibility to the application. Only registered users (that have a username and password) may use the application. Any information, data, reports and other material hosted and generated by this application may not be sold, published or reproduced in any way. This material may only be used within the registered users own organization. Reliance on this material and any related provision is at the user’s sole risk. LTS Health assumes no responsibility for any errors or damages arising from the use of this web application. Seek qualified advice for any action entailing potential liabilities. Please visit our LTS Health website for detailed terms.

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